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New QAA-Confidence Business Plan (Emphasis on Plan!)

QAAWyrd – QAA-Care Business Plan Idea4

Its definitely a Plan at this stage – but spins off from the Micro Tuition Business in 2007-2012, now includes

a Direct Sales Company for a background commission based activity and has four strands at the present time.

The blog behind the Micro Business is at

The plan is here.

Matching flexible hours and opportunities while seeking to develop regular contracts and commissions.

QAAWyrd – QAA-Care Business Plan Idea4

It makes sense to be able to move to and from Temporary or Seasonal, Contract or Supply work and have a background Self Employed Micro Company running.

KeepingupFineThings QAA

fine things

The new concept for 60 to 67 – evolving and ongoing

Sharing experience

Sharing practical skills

Still planning

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